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Many times I am asked if a hang on back filter is compatible with a dw

Many times I am asked if a hang on back filter is compatible with a dwarf shrimp aquarium.  The answer depends on if one would like to breed the shrimp and raise the young.  If breeding and raising the young shrimp is a goal, a hang on back filter (and any powered filter for that matter, such as canister filters) will work as long as a pre-filter is used.

 So what is the best pre-filter?  There is not really 1 best pre-filter.  The best type of pre-filter is a small pore inert sponge.  The pre-filters I use in any aquarium with a powered filter are sponges intended for air powered sponge filters.   


The ones I use I buy from

 The main purpose of the pre-filter is to stop the baby shrimp from being sucked into the filter.  Other types of foam will work just fine, but it is important to make sure the foam is aquarium safe.  I recommend using foam filters manufactured for aquarium use, as these are almost always going to be safe for shrimp aquariums!

arf shrimp aquarium.

One thought on “Pre-Filters!”

  • Dana Hippler

    The IQAir is nice, and the machine tells you when to change the filters, so it keeps working and working. And the V-5 helps take chemical smells from varnish out of the home very quickly.