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Red Cherry Shrimp in Acidic Water

For the last few months I have had some Red Cherry Shrimp in an aquarium that was intended for Crystal Red Shrimp. I set it up with Aqua Soil Amazonia and quite a few plants and mosses. I keep the pH right around 6.0 and have some interesting observations for the Red Cherries!

- The Red Cherry Shrimp grow slower
- Far less breeding activity observed
- Berried females have become more rare
- Life span seems shorter

If you have any observations of keeping Red Cherry Shrimp in water with such a low pH please feel free to share them!

2 thoughts on “Red Cherry Shrimp in Acidic Water”

  • Mick

    It seems fairly obvious that your "obsevations" are all health and or stress related. You are hurting them. Thats why they grow smaller. Thats why they don't breed. That why they die young. Period. Your "observations" are neither surprising nor interesting, in fact, it is frustrating that you would overlook such obvious health effects.

  • admin

    Mick, the shrimp still thrived, but they just didn't do as well a in 7.0 ph water! They did not die young (lived about 80-90 percent of normal life span) and did still breed just not as frequently!