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Self Cloning Crayfish (update 1)

Self Cloning Crayfish are normally very charismatic and outgoing. They spend a lot of time foraging and will often times react to an aquarist coming near the aquarium with what I call a two-claw salute (they raise their claws up in a defensive position). But, when the Self Cloning Crayfish becomes berried, she becomes a recluse.

It is difficult to keep a close eye on my berried female because she spends most of her time hidden in the caves and pvc pipe that I have provided for her. Today I caught a quick glimpse (not long enough to get a picture) of her and her babies. She has quite a bit of baby crayfish hanging on her tail.

They have hatched and are sticking with her. I have read that they will continue to stick with the adult female for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

I will keep as close of an eye on them as possible and update as often as possible!