5 Blue Bolt Shrimp

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Blue Bolt Shrimp

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Product Description

Scientific Name: Caridina cf Cantonesis
Other Scientific Names:
Common Name: Blue Bolt
Other Common Name: Extreme Blue Bolt, Dark Blue Bolt, Taiwan Bee
Temperment: Peaceful
Breeding: Difficult
Care Level: Semi-difficult
Origin: Southern China
Found in Wild:  No

General Water Parameters

 The Shrimp Farm’s Water Parameters:

pH Range: 6.2-6.9  pH Range: 6.6-6.8
Temperature Range: 65 - 76  Temperature Range: 68-73
 GH Range: 4-6  GH Range: 4-5
 KH Range: 0-1 (Ideally 0)  KH Range: 0
 TDS Range: 75-150  TDS Range: 75-125
 Life Span: 1-2 years  Full Grown Size: 1.25"
 Gestation Period: 30 days  Approximate Purchase Size: .65"-1"
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