10 Yellow Shrimp

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10 Yellow Shrimp

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Scientific Name: Neocaridina davidi var. Yellow
Other Scientific Names: Neocaridina heteropoda, Neocaridina denticulata sinensis
Common Name: Yellow Shrimp
Other Common Name: Golden Shrimp, Golden Line Shrimp, 24k Gold Shrimp
Temperment: Peaceful
Breeding: Easy
Care Level: Easy
Origin: Japan/East Asia
Found in Wild:  No

General Water Parameters

 The Shrimp Farm’s Water Parameters:

pH Range: 6.2-8.0  pH Range: 7.0-7.4
Temperature Range: 65 - 80  Temperature Range: 68-72
 GH Range: 4-12  GH Range: 6-8
 KH Range: 3-8  KH Range: 3-4
 TDS Range: 150-250  TDS Range: 125-175
 Life Span: 1-2 years  Full Grown Size: 1.50"
 Gestation Period: 30 days  Approximate Purchase Size: .85"-1"
Currently Being FedEbita Breed - Quarto 2 & Borneo Wild - Golf Ingot


Yellow Shrimp History

The Yellow Shrimp is a fairly recent color variation of the wild Neocaridina heteropoda. This color variation was originally bred in Germany and started to appear in the Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp hobby in the early 2000's.

Yellow Shrimp Care

The care of the Yellow Shrimp is exactly the same as the Red Cherry Shrimp. They are undemanding when it comes to water parameters, as long as extremes are avoided and the parameters are stably maintained.

Yellow Shrimp Diet

The Yellow Shrimp is an Omnivore. While the Yellow Shrimp is great for aquarium algae control, when kept in larger groups, supplemental feeding is often required. Foods intended for bottom feeding fish and aquatic invertebrates make great foods. Vegetables that have been thoroughly cleaned and boiled until they are soft are also great foods.

Yellow Shrimp Breeding

Breeding Yellow Shrimp in the home aquarium is rather easy. As long as there is a mature male and a female in a well established, well maintained aquarium, they will breed. The male Yellow Shrimp is smaller and a little less colorful, while the females are larger and display deeper more vivid colors. Mature adult female Yellow Shrimp will often display a saddle on their upper back (seen in insert). This saddle is the females eggs developing in her ovaries.

Yellow Shrimp Behavior

Yellow Shrimp are a very non-aggressive species of Dwarf Shrimp. The Yellow Shrimp is very active and will be often seen grazing for algae on plants, decorations and the substrate. They only become shy and hide after molting (when a shrimp sheds its exoskeleton in order to grow or breed).

Special Notes

As with all aquatic invertebrates, it is important to make sure copper does not get into the aquarium. Copper is toxic to all Dwarf Shrimp. Many medications contain elevated levels of copper, so it is recommended not to medicate an aquarium containing Dwarf Shrimp.