5 Blue Tiger Shrimp Orange Eyed

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5 Blue Tiger Shrimp Orange Eyed

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Scientific Name: Caridina cantonensis
Other Scientific Names:
Common Name: Blue Tiger Shrimp
Other Common Name: Orange eyed blue tiger shrimp, OEBT Shrimp
Temperment: Peaceful
Breeding: Easy
Care Level: Easy
Origin: South East Asia
Found in Wild:  No

General Water Parameters

The Shrimp Farm’s Water Parameters:

pH Range: 6.0-7.25  pH Range: 6.5-6.8
Temperature Range: 65-75  Temperature Range: 70-74
 GH Range: 4-10  GH Range: 6
 KH Range: 2-6  KH Range: 6
 TDS Range: 150-250  TDS Range: 175-250
 Life Span: 1-2 years  Full Grown Size: .75 1.50"
 Gestation Period: 30 days  Approximate Purchase Size: .75"-.95"
Currently Being FedEbita Breed - Quarto 2 & Borneo Wild - Color


Blue Tiger shrimp History

The Blue Tiger Shrimp with orange eyes has not been around the shrimp keeping hobby for long. The wild type of these shrimp originates from South East Asia, and has been bred into these vibrant blue colors with orange eyes.

Blue Tiger shrimp Care

These shrimp are relativly easy to take care of. They can even be kept in water with high pH, but these are not ideal circumstances for them! As with all shrimp, it is recommended to keep a sponge filter in the aquarium to prevent potential baby shrimp from being sucked into it. These shrimp like very clean water, so no issues with this extra filtration!

Blue Tiger shrimp Diet

The Blue tiger shrimp will eat algae, but it is recommended to also feed some food pellets to keep them fed. Feeding is only required once per day, especially once there are baby shrimp in the tank.

Blue Tiger shrimp Breeding

The blue tiger shrimp does not breed true. Its offspring will of course have the blue coloration but not all. They will all however have the orange eyes!