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100 Posts - A Dwarf Shrimp Blog Mile Stone

The Dwarf Shrimp Blog has officially reached its 100th post. The goal of this blog has been to inform and sometimes entertain those who are interested in this wonderful hobby. Since I started this blog in September of 2007, with my first post “The Cherry Shrimp Gets a New Name”  this blog has grown quite a bit.

Here are a few of my favorite posts and the 5 most popular posts (according to amount of visits).

My Favorites

5. American Glass Shrimp Breeding Program - (A Series) I dive into breeding American Glass Shrimp for multiple generations. Sadly, this program was put on hold due to covering Hurricanes and the election for ABC News.
4. Soft Water Shrimp in Hard Water - (A Series) – At one point there was a lot of debate over the merits of keeping soft water shrimp (such as Tiger Shrimp) in hard water. This experiment proved it is possible to do so, but not ideal. This experiment was also put on hold due to hurricanes and the election.
3. Iodine: Is supplementation needed for Dwarf Shrimp?  - This post answers a question that is as old as the Dwarf Shrimp hobby. The basic answer is no, but this post dives a little deeper into that question.
2. Breeding Tiger Shrimp (A detailed experience) –  After reading many reports about difficulties breeding Tiger Shrimp I decided to post a detailed account of my experiences.
1. Dwarf Shrimp Contest Winners  After a month long contest I was able to announce the winners and award them some free Dwarf Shrimp. I enjoyed being able to help a hobbyist get their hands on some free shrimp!

Most Popular

5. Birth to Berry – Yellow Shrimp Edition  - A detailed observation of Yellow Shrimp from the day they are born until the first female is observed to be berried.
4. Dwarf Shrimp Birth to Berry (update #2) –  The second update in a series intended to follow a few Dwarf Shrimp from the day they are born until the day they are berried.
3. New Shrimp (Caridina sp.) – receives a few mystery shrimp that are later thought to be Malaya Shrimp.
2. Birth to Berry – Tiger Shrimp Edition –  Another Birth to Berry series, this time I follow the life of a Tiger Shrimp.
1. Breeding Tiger Shrimp - Showing that Tiger Shrimp are the most popular shrimp on my blog, this post is by the most popular.

Well, the first 100 posts have been fun for me (for the most part) and I really look forward to the next 100.

Please feel free to comment!