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  • Pearl Shrimp

    I recently ordered a dozen Pearl Shrimp (Macrobrachium kulsiense) and they have been acclimating for a few days now.

    Pearl Shrimp

    They seem to be happy and will quickly eat any food that they find. I have not yet observed any burrowing behavior as I have read they have been known to do, but they are quite active and look striking on top of a light tan sand.

    Pearl Shrimp

    I am still not 100% positive of the Pearl Shrimp identification, but I am about 95% sure. I have compared my photos to those I have found from other reputable shrimp breeders and they are VERY similar.

    The rostrum on this shrimp is a great identifying tool, and it appears to be identical to those I have seen.

    Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • Caridina sp. update

    It has been 20 days since I received these unknown Caridina sp. and there is little to report as of yet.

    One of the shrimp died about 4 days after acclimation but the other shrimp seem to be doing well.

    I still belive that one of these shrimp is a male

    And I am positive I have 4 females.

    I am just hopping one will become berried soon so I can tell if these shrimp are low order or high order (it will greatly help in identifying these shrimp).

    Stay tuned!

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  • A few new shrimp

    Today I received a few new shrimp. A couple filter feeders, a dozen macro sp., some Amano Shrimp and a few others I will talk about later.

    The filter shrimp are Green Lace Shrimp (Atyoida pilipes). While they are filter feeders, they are not similar to Bamboo Shrimp at all.

    This picture was taken before this shrimp was completely acclimated, but as you can see they are quite different than Bamboo Shrimp. They are quite a bit smaller and have very different color patterns.

    The Macro. sp. was sold to me as Pearl Shrimp. Pearl Shrimp (Macrobrachium kulsiense) are known to burrow in the sand, so I am waiting to observe this behavior. So far they are rather peaceful and look similar to the Pearl Shrimp.

    Pearl Shrimp

    I had to buy a few more Amano Shrimp in hopes of obtaining a few females. I would like to start breeding Amano Shrimp again and refine my low order shrimp rearing techniques.

    Green Lace Shrimp

    There are a few other species of shrimp I have received lately and I will be talking about them soon! Stay tuned!

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  • New Shrimp (Caridina sp. ?)

    I recently purchased a few shrimp from a member of one of the forums I frequent. He bought the shrimp as Amano Shrimp (which they obviously are not). He posted a few pictures of these shrimp and one of the females was berried.

    Looking at the eggs it was easy to tell these shrimp were low order shrimp and I believe them to be some sort of Caridina species. Here are some pictures.

    I will be doing some research to see if I can find out what species these shrimp are. If you think you know what species this is, please leave a comment!

  • Iodine: Is supplementation needed for Dwarf Shrimp?

    Iodine is an important part of a Dwarf Shrimps life cycle. It is needed to promote healthy molting and to encourage immune responses to injuries. It is obvious that any Dwarf Shrimp keeper would want their shrimp to have adequate amounts of iodine, but is supplementation needed?

    A staple in the diets of most Dwarf Shrimp is algae, either in the naturally occurring form in the aquarium or as part of their diet provided by their keeper. Almost all algae have a high amount of iodine in their cells, and this iodine is readily accepted by Dwarf Shrimp and, in my experience, has been more than an adequate source.

    I often read about new Dwarf Shrimp hobbies, and even some experienced ones, supplementing their Dwarf Shrimps iodine intake by putting liquid iodine into the water column. In my many years of researching this, I have never found any credible evidence that suggest that a Dwarf Shrimp can even use iodine found in the water column.

    It is true that many marine invertebrates need a fair amount of iodine in their water, and they can use the iodine in the water column. I believe that the idea that marine inverts use iodine from the water has spurred on the belief that Dwarf Shrimp can as well.

    Again, I have never seen any credible proof that Dwarf Shrimp can use iodine in the water column and I have plenty of evidence that it is not needed as a supplement. I have many aquariums with Dwarf Shrimp and I have never supplemented any type of iodine. My shrimp have always molted well and have always recovered well from any type of injury.

    So what is my suggestion for the use of an iodine supplement?

    I suggest avoiding supplementing any type of iodine in a Dwarf Shrimp aquarium. I have never seen any benefits to it and if the iodine is over dosed it can be harmful or deadly. If you are extremely concerned about your Dwarf Shrimps iodine intake (or lack there of), just make sure to feed a balanced diet that includes a high algae content.

  • New Server! has been moved to a new web server.  This should help speed everything up and keep it running.  I would like to apologize for all the delays that have been experienced due to this move!


    More Posts to come soon!

  • Life, Work, Sickness and Shrimp

    First I would like to apologize to my readers for the large gap between posts.  In the last month I have spent 2 weeks out of town (work), 1 week sick, and the most recent week has been spent with the in-laws (life).  I had a nasty flew that knocked me down for an entire week, that was not pleasant at all!

    Anyway, a little bit about shrimp now.  I have been visiting the boards a bit lately and there seems to be a lot of talk about two subjects: Sulawesi Shrimp and Tiger Shrimp Breeding, so I figured I would address them both here.

    Sulawesi Shrimp

    The larges topic of discussion is that there is now a wholesaler of these shrimp in Indonesia that is now selling the shrimp for $5.00 per shrimp when the buyer pays for 500 at a time.  Some people may think this is a great deal as the average price for the shrimp is around $25.00 right now, but I am not a fan of this offer.  With large exporters of this shrimp I question how long the local populations of these shrimp will be viable.

    Sulawesi Shrimp

    There are few shrimp hobbyist in the United States that trying to breed these shrimp in captivity and some have even had some minor success.  Ryan Wood in Miami received some berried shrimp and has so far been able to maintain the young, although I have not heard any reports of the shrimp actually breeding in captivity yet!

    Tiger Shrimp

    There has been a lot of talk lately about breeding tiger shrimp and what is required to do so.  I have seen many people say that Tiger Shrimp need nothing special to get them to breed and that they have had berried shrimp many times.  But they also say they have never successfully grown the young to adulthood.

    Tiger Shrimp

    Tiger Shrimp, in my experience, do require special care to successfully breed them.  They require water that has a slightly acidic pH and slightly cooler than tropical temperatures.  I wrote a quick blog post, Breeding Tiger Shrimp, and another blog post, Birth to Berry - Tiger Shrimp Edition, that are great references. 

    I will be rewriting the Breeding Tiger Shrimp post and will be including much more information soon!

  • Spring is almost upon us

    As spring is rapidly approaching (March 20th is the official start of spring in The United States) and I have the goal of reopening my store in early spring I started to take stock of what my species have been doing for the winter.  Here is a quick run down of a few of them:

    Cherry Shrimp

    I upgraded the aquarium that my Cherry Shrimp where housed.  They went from a 20-Gallon to a 40-Gallon Breeder.  This upgraded caused them to stop breeding for a few weeks but it appears that they are back on track.  From a quick glance I would guess that nearly 40% of the mature female are berried.

    I expect Cherry Shrimp to be available early-mid spring

    Yellow Shrimp

    My Yellow Shrimp population is about to explode.  They started out slow, but now I have quite a few mature females that are saddled now.  They should start to become berried soon and I look forward to a rapid population explosion.

    I expect Yellow Shrimp to be available mid-late spring

    Neocaridina heteropoda

    After neglecting this species for quite some time I have recently started to put efforts into expanding their population (as talked about in my post The Softer Side of Breeding Neocaridina heteropoda).  There are currently 6 berried females in the aquarium and I will be making a limited number of these offspring available.

    I expect Neocaridina heteropoda to be available in early spring.

    Bee Shrimp

    My Bee Shrimp are breeding at about the same rate that they always have been.  There are no real changes here and I expect this population to stay consistent.

    I expect Bee Shrimp to be available late spring.

    I will post more updates as they become available.

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    Cherry Shrimp
    Yellow Shrimp
    Neocaridina heteropoda
    Bee Shrimp

  • New Layout

    I have re-designed the layout for the Dwarf Shrimp Blog.  It has been designed to help ease navigation and to help remove clutter.  Over the next few days I will be working to make sure all posts look good on the new lay out and will be changing the lay out of the main site to match the new lay out of the blog.

    • Here is what the old lay out looked like:
    • And here is the new:
  • Blue Pearl Shrimp Pictures (selective breeding results)


    After a short time of selective breeding of my Blue Pearl Shrimp I am starting to see some adults that have a little bit more blue color. I am hopping to continue this program for a while to see what kind of results I can have! I have added 3 new Blue Pearl Shrimp pictures to the Dwarf Shrimp Pictures section of  Here is a nice sample!

    Helpful References
    Dwarf Shrimp Pictures
    - Dwarf Shrimp Photography
    - Blue Pearl Shrimp

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