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Aquarium News

  • An awesome new shrimp at The Shrimp Farm soon.

    Preorder this easy to care for neo species and enjoy one of the most unique looking shrimp out there to date!!

    Carbon Rili Shrimp For Sale


  • Green Babaulti Shrimp At The Shrimp Farm

    Green Babaulti Shrimp

    We have a small quantity of the Green Babaulti Shrimp now available. Seems almost everyday we have emails asking when we will have these ready.

    Green Babaulti Shrimp History

    The green shrimps were given the name "babaulti" by Mr. Guy Babault who collected a large amount of new species of birds, fish and reptiles throughout his explorationmissions worldwide. He collected some of these shrimps in the freshwater rivers of India in the year 1914.

    Green Babaulti Shrimp Care

    The Green Babaulti Shrimp is an undemanding shrimp in its care requirements. They should be kept in a well established aquarium with no predators. The most important factor for water parameter is stability and as long as none of the water parameters are in the extremes Green Babaulti Shrimp should be happy and healthy.

    >>>Click here for more Information on Green Babaulti Shrimp<<<

    Green Babaulti Shrimp Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp Green Babaulti Shrimp
  • NEW Shrimp: Chocolate Shrimp!!

    NEW Shrimp Comin' To The Shrimp Farm: Chocolate Shrimp!!

    These are rare and hard to find, so order while you can. We expect our supply to be gone quickly.

    Pre-order only.

    Chocolate Shrimp

  • Pics of Ghost Shrimp Larvae

    Ghost Shrimp Larvae

    These two pics are of new ghost shrimp larvae. They are only about 1/8" long. The interesting thing about these young, are they have no legs yet, and float around with the current, UPSIDE DOWN.

    Very cool to watch....BUT HARD TO SEE!!!!

    >>>Click here for more information on Ghost Shrimp<<<

    American Glass Shrimp Breeding

    Breeding American Glass Shrimp can be a little bit difficult in the home aquarium. American Glass Shrimp are difficult to determine sex and they are a low order shrimp (their eggs hatch as free floating larva, not miniature versions of their parents) so they are a little more difficult to raise. Once hatched the small larva will require powdered algae (Spirulina is a great algae for this) and should be in a separate aquarium to avoid predation. The larva will metamorphosis to miniature versions of the adults in about a week. Once the larva have reached metamorphosis, they will require no further special care.

    Scientific Name: Palaemonetes paludosus
    Other Scientific Names: N/A
    Common Name: American Glass Shrimp
    Other Common Names: Ghost Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, American Freshwater Glass Shrimp
    Origin: North America
    Found in the wild: Yes

    PH Range: 7.0 - 7.8
    Temperature Range: 70 - 78 F
    Hardness Range: 3 - 15 dkh
    Life Span: 1 - 2 years
    Gestation Period: 30 days
    Ideal pH: 7.2
    Ideal Temperature: 75 F
    Ideal Hardness: 8 dkh
    Size: 1 - 2 inches
    Diet: Omnivore
  • Contest Ends Soon

    Only a few more hours until our Contest ends.

    Don't miss out on your chance to when FREE SHRIMP!!

    Click Here or find what others are saying on Facebook:  The Shrimp Farm Fan Page

    Up For Grabs

    Free Shrimp Could be Yours!!!

  • New PERMANENT Lower Price

    The Shrimp Farm is pleased to announce a permanently lowered price on it's FIRE RED CHERRY SHRIMP!! We've gone from $89.99 for 10....down to $69.99 for 10 Fire Red Adults.
    Check them out here.

    fire red shrimp for sale

  • New Shrimp at the Farm-Red Rili

    Hi all!

    The Shrimp Farm is extremely excited to now offer The Red Rili Shrimp. What an exciting "look" this shrimp has. Check it out here and let us know what you think!

    red rili shrimp for sale


  • Green shrimp coming soon!

    As always we are working hard to add to the varieties of shrimp we have to offer! The latest shrimp we are adding to our shrimp farm is the Caridina babaulti "green" shrimp. This is quite exiting for us, especially for those folks who like to keep their planted tank pure by not adding colorful shrimp!

    Be sure to check back with is in May of 2011 to buy some for your tank!

  • What are Fire Red Cherry Shrimp?

    One of the newest shrimp that we offer in the Dwarf Shrimp Store are Fire Red Cherry Shrimp, and we are often asked what exactly they are. Well, the answer is simple!

    Fire Red Cherry Shrimp are simply Red Cherry Shrimp that have been selectively bred to display bright and vibrant red color. Continue reading

  • New Shrimp Food From the Garden

    As some of you know I am an avid gardener (see my Vegetable Garden Blog). Well, over the last few days I have decided to try a new food from the garden for my Dwarf Shrimp. Continue reading

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