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Article Series

  • American Glass Shrimp breeding program

    The American Glass Shrimp is the most common dwarf shrimp in the aquarium hobby.  It is most often sold at local fish stores as a feeder shrimp and because of its feeder status it is often mistreated.  The poor shipping methods used when dealing with feeder shrimp and over crowded holding aquariums often lead this shrimp to have a short lifespan in the home aquarium. Continue reading

  • To Hybridize or Not to Hybridize, That is the Question!

    Over the years there has been a lot of talk and debate about weather or not hybridizing different species of Dwarf Shrimp is a good idea or not. In all public forums that I have contributed to the debate I have always made it clear where I stand. But before we get into that, lets discuss what hybridizing is. Continue reading

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