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Freshwater Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish CPO Safe With Shrimp?

Dwarf Mexican Crayfish Dwarf Orange Crayfish Freshwater Shrimp Dwarf Mexican Crayfish (CPO)

Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish CPO Safe With Shrimp?

The infamous question has come up again and again with shrimp hobbyist that are looking to add a little more than just shrimp to their aquariums, "Can I keep Dwarf Crayfish with my shrimp?". In a shrimp tank size often matters, more than likely you have several plants and are picky about how the layout looks. You often strive for that "perfect aquascape".

When trying to spice things up so to speak, the shrimp hobbyist often has turned to Dwarf Crayfish, which in turn leads to the most popular dwarf crayfish in the hobby to date the Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis). This Mexican Dwarf Crayfish is something many shrimp hobbyist want to add to their tanks, however the question arises is it safe for my freshwater dwarf shrimp?

Dwarf Crayfish vs. Dwarf Shrimp:

The Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish is found to be beautiful, relatively peaceful, and low demanding. They do not dig into substrate very often, nor do they harm plants. The Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish will not harm your shrimp in most cases. If you have ever kept male betta fish you will know that each male has its own temperament, this is the same for dwarf crayfish.

In almost all cases I have found they get along 100% of the time with all dwarf shrimp, I often find he shrimp riding on the backs of the crayfish! Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish will only harm dead, weak, or sick shrimp. They are culling your Colony of shrimp for you. After reading this you might have this question, "Would you house the Mexican Dwarf Crayfish with your shrimp, prized shrimp?"

My answer would be yes! I would not sweat it, I would not even spend a moment laying awake at night thinking about it.

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Stop worrying and start Shrimp'n!!

Ryan Curtis

The Shrimp Guy

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