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Understanding Potential Hydrogen (pH)

Understanding Potential Hydrogen (pH)


pH in the aquarium hobby is a key and vital factor on all things from fish and plants to shrimp. Each species has its recommend level of pH to be kept in. Keeping your species in this recommend level will allow it to thrive.

pH In Chemistry

pH Scale Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp Tank pH Scale

pH is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are alkaline or basic. Pure water has a pH of 7 and is neutral being neither acid or alkaline. Contrary to popular belief, the pH value can be less than 0 or greater than 14 for very strong acids and alkalines respectively. However, these extremes are difficult to measure precisely. pH is measured and usually falls between 6.5-8.0 in most home aquariums.

pH in your aquarium will affect how your shrimp breed, feed, and their overall health. The goal to many shrimp keepers is breeding. To be able to do this regularly and effectively you need to have your shrimp in the recommended range for breeding. Shrimp tanks with very low pH can stunt the growth of your shrimp, while shrimp tanks with high pH can be harmful. To determine if it is low or high for your shrimp you will need to do some research on their breeding parameters. While the pH might be low for some shrimp it won’t be for others so doing research is key.

In a home aquarium the best way to control you pH is with substrates that are designed for shrimp keeping and holding pH at certain levels. You next best option, however not for beginners is to use co2 to control pH in your aquarium. Most likely when using Co2 to control pH you will need a co2 monitor controller to help maintain it at your desired level.

I personally use API Test Tube Kits to measure pH levels as I find them to be the most accurate on the market. Testing once every two weeks to monitor your aquarium should be good enough.

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