Dwarf Shrimp Glossary

ADA Aqua Design Amano
ASA Aquasoil Amazonia
Berried Female Dwarf Shrimp carrying eggs under her tail
Bioload How much an animal affects the biological balance of an aquarium
Blanched Vegetable boiled until it is soft
CRS Crystal Red Shrimp
Cycle The process a new aquarium goes threw when beneficial bacteria start to grow in the aquarium and converts harmful ammonia into nitrates.
Exoskeleton Outer shell of an invertebrate
High Order Shrimp that lack a larval stage.
Hydra A freshwater cnadarians. Resembles a very small anemone.
LFS Local Fish Store
Low Order Shrimp that have a larval stage
Molt The process of shedding an invertebrate’s exoskeleton
Nano A small aquarium, generally under 10 gallons
Pico A very small aquarium, generally under 2 gallons
Pleopods Swimming legs under a shrimps tail
PPM Parts Per Million. Most often used when measuring water parameters.
RCS Red Cherry Shrimp
RO Reverse Osmosis. A process that removes most impurities from water
Saddle Eggs developing in the ovaries of a female Dwarf Shrimp that has the appearance of a saddle on the upper back
Swimmerets See Pleopods.

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