Red Cherry Algae Eating Experiment

I get a lot of emails asking if the Aquarium shrimp really do eat algae well. I always try to answer the best I can, but decided that the old saying about a picture is worth a thousand words, will trump any explanations that I can muster.....

So what did I do? I found a small 5" pvc pipe that I had used in a homemade sponge filter. It was in an unused tank for quite sometime and had a pretty good amount of algae on the surface. I pulled it from the tank and dropped it into one of my Red Cherry Shrimp tanks.

As you can see in Photo 1, the pvc pipe had a pretty good amount on it.

Day 1

Red Cherry Algae Eating Experiment

The second photo below shows the cherry shrimp just five minutes after I dropped the pipe into the tank. Pretty cool, huh?

Day 1 (5 Minutes Later)

Red Cherry Algae Eating Experiment

Below is what the pvc pipe looked like on the 3rd day. WOW.....if there was ever any should be erased as of now!!!
These little 1/2 inch-algae-eating-machines cleaned that pipe up in no time flat!! I think that's pretty impressive!

Day 3

Red Cherry Shrimp Algae Eating Experiment


Even I am taken back sometimes at how much algae these little creatures can devour. If you are looking for Natural Algae control, look no further. The red cherry shrimp, or any of our aquarium shrimp for that matter, can do the job for you and then some!!