SaltyBee gH+Premium - 550g

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SaltyBee gH+Premium-550g

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  • SaltyBee gH+Premium-550g

Product Description

Functional water conditioner especially for freshwater shrimps.

Unique in its kind, for the use of RODI Water.


In my Experience a TDS reading of 100-110 gives you a GH reading of 4


SaltyBee GH + Premium

– Only increases the overall hardness

– Only slightly increases the carbonate hardness

– Very efficient by using exclusively hydrate-free Reinstsalzen. Free of nitrate and phosphate

– Contain all important and necessary trace elements and minerals

– Very fast and low residue solubility

– Does not change the ph value

– Extends the life of an aquarium

– Stimulates moderate plant growth

– Has a delaying effect on algae growth.


Components of SaltyBee GH + Premium

 • Total hardness forming alkaline

• Natural calcium-magnesium ratio increases overall hardness and conductivity

• Potassium for plant growth in moderation

• Micro-nutrients promotes microbial activity, promotes plant growth in moderation

• Iodine

• Phosphate Eliminierende components, Reduces algae-forming silicates and phosphates

• Organic carbon sources

Promotes microbial activity

Reduces nitrogen and phosphate by building biomass

• Anti oxidative Radical catcher

Compensates for the risk of aggressive hydrate-free salts and enables the

Use immediately after the solution process, oxidation-sensitive functional groups stabilizes complex metallic ions and improves their biological availability (e.g. 2wertiges iron) for microbiology and as plant nutrients

• Complex mixture of organic and synthetic chelators to protect trace elements from oxidation, binds heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead, etc.

Protects trace elements from oxidation

• Stable oxygen-giving salts, continuously supplying soil and biofilms with oxygen, reduces the Detritusbildung increases the remineralisation of feed residues and faeces, contains 24 essential and potentially essential trace elements, promotes the Microbiological activity and regeneration of biofilms

• Natural components, contain 75 potentially active ingredients including vitamins, enzymes, minerals,

Sugar, Lignin and Saponin, accelerates wound healing, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

• Probiotic bacteria, stimulate physiological processes, improve water quality, promote animal health in particular of young animals.

Displace pathogenic bacteria

– Successfully tested against: Vibrio spp., Aeromonas spp., Streptococcus viridans, Edwardsiella sp., Pseudomonas, spp., Listonella anguillarum, Streptococcus spp

• Remineralising bacteria promotes a micro-biological equilibrium.

Promotes the remineralisation of organic wastes such as faeces, feed residues and dead parts of plants

Reduces ammonium and nitrate o builds Eiweißverbindunden

Promotes the dismantling of heavy-degradable substances such as fats from food residues, reduces water change, makes water crystal clear

• Stickstoffoxidiererende bacteria, remove ammonium/Ammoniak and nitrite

Suppline promotion of bacterial growth within biofilms