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American Glass Shrimp breeding program

The American Glass Shrimp is the most common dwarf shrimp in the aquarium hobby.  It is most often sold at local fish stores as a feeder shrimp and because of its feeder status it is often mistreated.  The poor shipping methods used when dealing with feeder shrimp and over crowded holding aquariums often lead this shrimp to have a short lifespan in the home aquarium. has started a breeding program in hopes of providing a steady source of captive raised Palaemonetes paludosus.  This shrimp is one of the more active shrimp found in the aquarium hobby and is a great shrimp to keep in a non-aggressive community tank as part of a clean up crew.

The goals of are to be able to provide a healthy source of this shrimp at an affordable and competitive price.  While captive raised shrimp will always cost more than the feeder shrimp found at local fish stores, the captive raised shrimp will live much longer and will be a much healthier addition to the home aquarium.

To learn more about the American Glass Shrimp please visit our species profile on this shrimp.  (or click on the name)

One thought on “American Glass Shrimp breeding program”

  • Bob Warwick

    I have had success in breeding Ghost Shrimp. Because they hatch into free swimming larvae they need green water to feed on. That needs to be supplied when ever the water starts to clear. Another benefit of green water is that it totally purifies the water chemistry. It feeds on ammonia, nitrite and the bedeviled nitrate thus, giving the larvae pure water to thrive in. Plus, there should be from sand to river rock size substrate to give habitat for young adult shrimp to feed on and hide in. At that stage they eat alga and rotifers that live on the rock.