Terms and Conditions and Live Arrival Guarantee

Please read these terms and conditions carefully!

Note: We always try to send young adults. However, some or all of any shrimp order can contain juveniles. 


Shipping Information

All orders are shipped via the USPS. 

    • * Orders are shipped on Monday's and Tuesday's

Tracking your order:

A tracking number is emailed at the time of shipment. In additon to this email we will email you once it has left the USPS sorting facuility, once it is out for delivery, and once it has been delivered. Please note there is sometimes a delay with our out for delivery email, as the USPS do not always scan the box right away.


Live Arrival Guarantee

The Shrimp Farm offers a Live Arrival Guarantee on all shrimp/fish sold to buyers in the United States of America. If shrimp/fish are dead on arrival, at the discretion of The Shrimp Farm, the shrimp/fish will either be replaced or a refund will be given for the amount of shrimp/fish that have died - but only if all conditions* are met.


    • ** Buyer must make contact/provide DOA pictures within 2 hours of delivery NO EXCEPTIONS. (Pictures must be taken of unopened bag). This prevents us from honoring the Live Arrival Guaratnee for packages that have been left outside. For example, we will not replace/refund an order that shows delivery was at 10:00 AM but contact/DOA photos were not made/emailed until 5:00 PM. There is too much of a chance that the package was delivered at 10:00 AM, left outside, then brought in after the customer, for example, retrieved their mail, etc.. 


  • ** Buyer must receive delivery on first delivery attempt (or picked up at post office same day).  

Note: Live Arrival Guarantee is void for International Shipments.



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