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Crab caresheet: Thai micro spider crab (Limnopilos naiyanetri)

A relatively recent addition to the aquarium hobby, Thai micro crabs are quickly gaining popularity. They are appreciated among shrimp keepers for their very peaceful nature and similar requirements, which make them a great option if you're looking for tankmates for your (dwarf) shrimp.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Thai micro crabs and keeping them in your own aquarium!

Scientific name: Limnopilos naiyanetri
Common name(s): Thai micro spider crab, false spider crab
Difficulty level: Moderate
Origin: Thailand

thai micro crab

Setting up a Thai micro spider crab aquarium

Thai micro spider crab requirements

As mentioned in the introduction, Thai micro spider crab care and requirements are relatively similar to those of dwarf shrimp. A large aquarium is not needed for these crabs; a small colony can be sustained in an aquarium of at least 5 gallons (19L) as long as it's fully cycled and heated. Because these crabs don't respond well to bad water quality keeping them in a slightly larger tank might be easier, as a larger volume of water will be more stable.

Like dwarf shrimp, Thai micro spider crabs can be quite shy and need plenty of hiding places to feel safe. Adding decorations and plants (floating plants with long roots will be especially appreciated) is a good idea.

Thai micro spider crab water quality

Thai micro spider crabs can be rather fragile, which means the aquarium should have had time to properly mature before they are added and a close eye should be kept on the water values at all times. Do regular water tests using a liquid test kit and perform regular water changes.

pH: 6.5-7
Temperature: 71.5-82.5 °F (22-28 °C)

Thai micro spider crab tankmates

Thai micro spider crabs are extremely peaceful and should always be surrounded by similarly peaceful tankmates. (Dwarf) shrimp would be the ideal choice as these require very similar conditions in the aquarium, although you can also keep them with small peaceful fish species such as pygmy Corydoras and Microrasbora. Never keep your Thai micro spider crabs with larger fish that might have a taste for crab legs, as they are completely defenseless.

Like most inverts, Thai micro spider crabs appreciate the company of their own kind and should be kept in small groups of at least three to help them feel safe.

Thai micro spider crab diet

Thai micro spider crabs have small hairs on their claws. These are used to catch any small food particles the crabs can find: these crabs are omnivores and definitely not picky when it comes to food.

In the aquarium they will spend much of their time foraging for micro-organisms in plants and algae, but be sure to supplement their diet with a high-quality food to prevent them from going hungry. Shrimp foods contain all the nutrients your crabs need and should work well.

Breeding Thai micro spider crab

Thai micro spider crab breeding is definitely not an easy task; in fact, it seems no aquarist has managed to do (and document) it yet, although some have come quite close. Female crabs do become pregnant and even get as far as releasing their young, but in the end these always die before they can mature. An interesting project, so be sure to try!

Buying Thai micro spider crab

Thai micro spider crabs are still relatively new in the aquarium hobby. Although some aquarium stores seem to have caught on not everyone sells them yet.

The Shrimp Farm sells Thai micro spider crabs with live arrival guarantee and ships them right to your doorstep for a low flat shipping rate. You can order your Thai micro spider crabs here!

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