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10 Reasons to Start a Shrimp Aquarium

There are many types of pets which will make your home more entertaining and pleasant. Dogs are great but cost a lot of money to keep and are extremely needy. Cats are more self-reliant but leave excess fur all over the house. Rabbits leave repulsive odors throughout a home.  People who are looking for a pet should consider getting an aquatic pet. Aquatic pets are gaining immense popularity, one of the most popular types is shrimp, which make great pets and can be easily taken care of. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should start a shrimp aquarium today.Great new hobby:


Bored of doing the same things every day? It’s always great to try new things and acquire new hobbies. A shrimp aquarium isn’t just a great hobby but is also makes a good decorative addition to any household. Shrimp aquariums are a lot of work to maintain and set up, so it’s a perfect hobby for someone with some time on their hands that is looking to do something new.

2) They make great pets:

If your child is begging you for a pet then you should get them a shrimp aquarium. Shrimp are easier to take care of than a bunny rabbit, dog and hamsters. Shrimp aren’t needy; they don’t need to be taken for a walk 3 times a day and won’t make sounds in the middle of the night that will wake you up. They won’t leave a horrible odor in your home and won’t leave annoying fur everywhere in your home. It’s great having a pet at home, it will give you something to do and they make great companions.

3) Add aesthetic flavor to your home:

A shrimp aquarium is a great way to add appealing décor into a home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a mammoth home or live in studio apartment, adding a shrimp aquarium will add some additional tasteful pizzazz to your home. People have created whole rooms dedicated to shrimp aquariums and for people who lack space in their homes, a shrimp aquarium can be easily installed into your wall to look like painting. Make sure the aquarium is properly lit and contains a beautiful landscape/background.

4) Develop your creativity skills:

Creatively designing a nice shrimp aquarium takes time and effort. Shrimp aquarium owners have many accessories at their disposal, for instance there are many different rocks, wood and statues available at pet shops. In addition plants and background wallpaper can also be added to your aquarium along with multi-colored gravel. Most pet shops even sell mermaids and other awesome accessories. There are always little additions you can make to improve the look of your aquarium; it’s a never ending process with limitless possibilities.

5) Educational reasons:

Kids and adults can both gain knowledge by taking care of a shrimp aquarium. It’s important to learn about a unique ecosystem. Children will love observing the tendencies of the shrimp and plants of the aquarium. Some people also like to add frogs and snails to their aquarium which will only add more educational value to your aquarium, these additions can help parents teach their kids about habitats. Parents can even teach their kids about the different kinds of compounds in the tank.

6) Health reasons:

Shrimp are unique pets which are truly fascinating to watch. It’s therapeutic and relaxing to watch the shrimp effortlessly swim around. A study by Purdue University has found that watching aquatic life swim around relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. Most people feel calm and relaxed while they watch shrimp in an aquarium. Haven’t you ever realized that dentist and even doctors typically have fish in their waiting rooms, this is to calm the nerves of patients. People who have aquariums in their homes tend to sleep and eat better than those that don’t have one. Aquariums have been proven to calm humans and they are beneficial to your health, the same cannot be said for other pets.

7) Plenty of help available:

Is it your first time trying to setup and maintain a shrimp aquarium? Don’t worry, there are tons of forums available online as well as free downloadable e-books, making it even easier for beginners to learn and have their questions answered. Even people who are experts in aquariums can surely find help online.

8 ) Teach kids about responsibility:

Although shrimp aquariums do take some work to maintain, they aren’t as difficult to take care of as other pets such as a dog. To make sure your son or daughter is ready to take care of a dog you can start them off with something easier like a shrimp aquarium. Hopefully they will be able to do a good job and gain a sense of pride and learn how to be more responsible.

9) Doesn’t cost much:

Aquariums are relatively cheap to maintain and shrimp are one of the cheapest aquatic pets available. The amount of money you will spend on a shrimp aquarium and pet shrimp is by far a more inexpensive amount than you would have to spend to keep a dog or a cat as pet. Your shrimp won’t have to go to the vet and gets shots and don’t need expensive treats or toys.

10) Save time and have peace mind:

Having a shrimp aquarium and maintaining it is less time consuming than having another needier pet. You won’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to take your shrimp for a walk and don’t often need to clean after them. Unlike with other pets, pet owners won’t need to constantly worry about their aquatic pet ruining the house. Owners can leave their home and have a peace of mind that everything will be alright when they return.

Don’t forget to learn how to properly take care of a shrimp aquarium before purchasing your pet. You need to set up the tank and buy the suitable food.

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