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Self-Cloning Crayfish – Marbled Crayfish – Marmorkrebs

Species Name: Procambarus Marmorkrebs
Common Names: Self-Cloning Crayfish, Marbled Crayfish, Marmorkrebs
Origin: Germany (more on this later)
Diet: Omnivore
Community Tank Safe: With Caution
Planted Tanks Safe: No

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The Self-Cloning Crayfish was discovered in a German aquarium hobbyist’s aquarium in the 1990’s. Out side of that there is not much known about the origin of the amazing creature.

Adult Self-Cloning Crayfish Adult Self-Cloning Crayfish

Marbled Crayfish, or Marmorkrebs, are easy to care for. They prefer semi-hard to hard water with slightly alkaline water. They will eat just about anything. Care must be taken to ensure this crayfish cannot climb out of the aquarium as they are accomplished climbers.

Marbled Crayfish Eggs about to hatch Marbled Crayfish Eggs about to hatch

The Self-Cloning Crayfish requires no mate to breed. They are completely asexual and are Parthenogenetic (all females). Once sexually mature the Marbled Crayfish will clone its self and have a clutch of babies that ranges from 20-200+. The older and more mature the adult is, the more babies that will be found in an average clutch.

Marmorkrebs Baby in a Straw Marmorkrebs Baby in a Straw

Once the young hatch, after a 20-40 day gestation, the adult will care for the young for a few days to a few weeks. The mother tends not to be cannibalistic and will protect her young from most threats!

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