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Setting up a Dwarf Shrimp Aquarium – Aquarium

The first step in setting up a Dwarf Shrimp aquarium is selecting that aquarium. There are endless options on the market to choose from, but luckily Dwarf Shrimp are undemanding when it comes to aquarium size, shape and materials.

Aquarium Size

Dwarf Shrimp are small and do not require a large aquarium. For most hobbyist a 10-gallon aquarium is adequate. This size aquarium helps keep water parameters stable, does not require much space and provides a fair amount of surface area for the shrimp live on.

Experienced aquarist can keep shrimp in smaller aquariums, but it is not recommended for beginners. These nano-aquariums can have large swings of water parameters because of the small amount of water and lack of buffering abilities.

The size of the aquarium is only limited by the space and budget of the Dwarf Shrimp keeper. There is no limit to the size a Dwarf Shrimp aquarium can be. As long as the hobbyist is willing to care for the larger aquarium Dwarf Shrimp will be happy in it.

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Aquarium Shape

Because Dwarf Shrimp are benthic (they live on the substrate of the aquarium) the most important factor when choosing aquarium shape is surface area. A tall aquarium with a small bottom might be great for mid-water fish but they waste a lot of space for shrimp. Aquariums with a large bottom that are shallow are much more desirable for Dwarf Shrimp.

There are many shapes available on the market today. One of the best shapes are the “breeders” (such as 40-gallon breeder or 30-gallon breeder). These aquariums offer a large amount of surface area and are not too deep. They are easy to service and are commonly available.


So when choosing a Dwarf Shrimp Aquarium it is important to choose an appropriate size and shape. While Dwarf Shrimp will survive in just about any size and shape aquarium they will be happiest if they are kept in an optimal size and shape aquarium!

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  • pam

    i have 3 fresh water shrimp 1 of which carried around a small around thing i thought it may be a baby in it but dont really know much about fresh water shrimp can you help in any way ?